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Hello! We are a team composed by the Institute of Beekeeping Research and Development from Romania (ICDA), an engineering office and a startup based in France that work together to better understand bees and contribute to preserve them.

In the last years, a series of important loss of bee colonies were registered. Most of the depopulations or mortalities were assigned especially to phytosanitary treatments, nutritional status or to specific diseases. Loses are sometimes difficult to be understood as they are the result of sublethal effects of different factors or combination between them. We found that the evaluation of honeybee workers activity at the hive entrance gives relevant information about the colony level of activity and depopulation risk. Under the EU project Diatomic ( we developed a research& development project in order to build a connected device for the hive entrance, especially in order to count the honeybee depopulation and to alert the beekeeper in real time.

To have a better picture about the depopulation the connected device includes other functions of interest. To meet your expectation, we kindly invite you to fill in the following survey, that comprises a series of questions, regarding some basic info about your beekeeping activity, depopulation causes as well as your expectations regarding such a monitoring systems based on e-technology and Internet of Things (IoT).

The obtained data will be processed at the level of research project and subsequently published for your knowledge. You can let us your email address at the end of the survey if you like to receive information about it. This survey is also available in :
- Romanian at:
- French:

How many years of experience do you have in beekeeping?
How old are you?
Are you a professional or a hobby beekeeper?
How many hives do you have?
What kind of hives do you use?
How far are your hives from the place you live?
How many apiaries locations do you have?
Why did you become a beekeeper?
What is your average hives death rate over the last 3 years? (in %)
Your answer
If you have lost colonies, why do you think they died?
What worries you most as a beekeeper?
I do not worry at all
not really worrying
it might be an issue
it is worrying
it is a real issue
weather conditions
other pest and diseases
hornets / Asiatic hornets
not enough time to take care of the hives
honey production decrease
the decrease in the natural resources
the low price of honey
Have you ever heard about beecolony monitoring by connected hives?
What do you think about the use of electronic systems in beekeeping?
In terms of connected hive, what feature would you like most? Range each feature from 1"I am not interested" to 5 "it is very interesting"
follow of the hive activity by counting bees at the entrance (incoming and outgoing)
follow ambiant sound level inside the hive
receive alerts in case of unusual activity
alert when swarming
hornet / Asiatic hornet detection
temperature / humidity inside the hive
outside temperature / humidity / atmospheric pressure
rain detection at the apiary
luminosity level (cloudy, sunny...)
follow the weight of the hive
pesticide contamination detection
thief / falling hive alert
Here is a prototype of the connected entrance door. It allows you to follow the bees activity, to receive alerts in case of unusual activity like swarming, hornets / Asiatic hornets around the hive, and to know the whether condition measured at the hive. It is powered thanks to a solar panel. What is your general impression about it ? From 1 "It does not seem interesting to me" to 5 "I would really like to test it"
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Please feel free to make us any comment you would like on the connected door or on your experience as a beekeeper here:
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In which country / city do you live?
Your answer
If you would like to be informed of the next steps of the project you can add your email adress here. You can also contact us directly at
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