Application for "Children's Mental Health & School Struggles" Digital Storytelling Workshop
May 8-10, 2019 9 am- 5 pm, Iowa Memorial Union, Iowa City

Applications are due March 18, 2019. Participants will be notified the first week of April.

In this small, 3-day workshop, parents of children with mental health conditions will conceive and create digital stories about navigating school struggles. Digital stories are 2-4 minute videos that allow the speaker to tell a deeply personal story in an elegant way. Participants can choose to stay anonymous in their stories if they would like. Digital Stories are extremely effective forms of advocacy and creating them can be a transformative experience for the storyteller.

Who Should Apply?
A parent or primary caregiver of a child with mental health conditions that would like to share a story about navigating their child’s school struggles in a supportive environment. We welcome both those who are and are not tech savvy; both those who want to create a video for advocacy purposes and those who would like to use the workshop as an opportunity to more deeply explore an important life story. Participants can choose whether or not they want to share their digital story beyond the workshop and will have opportunities to share it on the Mothers on the Frontline website and the Digital Grinnell "Digital Stories for Social Justice" story archive.

This event is for parents of children with mental health conditions. We define "parent or primary caregiver", and “mental health condition” broadly. "Parent" includes those who provide caregiving, childrearing, and nurturing to children (both biological and non-biological). “Mental health condition” includes any and all mental health conditions, whether or not it is the child’s primary diagnoses, and whether or not it is currently diagnosed. For example, we appreciate that children with chronic medical complexity often experience anxiety or depression related to those conditions. We also want to hear from parents of children with learning and developmental disabilities, etc.

The Workshop Includes:
- Introduction to the Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling
- Group sharing and feedback in a facilitated Story Circle
- Script writing and voice recording
- Image preparation and storyboarding
- Video editing: transitions, effects, music, and titles
- Support on the production of a two to four minute digital story
- Group story screening

This workshop is is Co-Facilitated by: Story-Center, Mothers on the Frontline, and The University of Iowa Division of Child and Community Health.

This workshop is sponsored by: The Grinnell College Innovation Grant and the Division of Child and Community Health, University of Iowa.

For questions, contact: Tammy Nyden at 641-990-9974 or

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We understand that hearing other’s stories can be emotional and in cases of PTSD or ongoing trauma can be triggering. Do you have any concerns about listening to the stories of others at this time?
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Self-care and support are important for caregivers of special needs children. Sharing stories can bring up emotions. For this reason, we will have an emotional support person at the workshop. What kind of support system do you currently have in place? Do you feel like you’ll have enough support, during and after the workshop? If not, what kind of support do you think you’ll need?
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Do you have physical health, mental health, or disability issues that we as workshop teachers should know about? If so, what are they? Is there anything else that we as teachers can do to help make sure that you’ll feel safe and supported participating in the workshop?
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