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На Ваш взгляд, в чем польза хэмпа (Hemp) для людей?
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Тестовое задание
1. Перевести текст на русский язык. Вы можете использовать Google Переводчик.

2. Сделать качественный рерайт смыслов. Уникальность текста от 90 %, проверить через сервис Адвего https://advego.com/antiplagiat/.

3. Структурировать текст, чтобы его было удобно воспринимать визуально..
•Содержательный, привлекающий внимание заголовок.

•Ёмкий лид, который вызывает у читателя душевный трепет (вплоть до экстаза) и мотивирует прочитать текст.

•В тексте применять подзаголовки.


•Стиль новостной.

•Текст должен читаться легко (не перегружаем читателя кучерявыми словесными оборотами).

•Перед отправкой текста проверяем его на грамотность, исправляем опечатки.


Everything old is new again. Hemp once tied the world together, and after hundreds of years of shifting regulations, the plant is starting to circle the planet once again.

Four hundred years ago, the British needed tons of hemp to maintain a global empire powered by shipping dominance. But the Industrial Revolution brought steamships and electric motors advancements that helped gut the global market for hemp. The 20th century saw the weakened industry all but disappear as governments around the world banned production- all because one variant of the plant, marijuana, produces the intoxicating chemical THC.

Now, hemp is undergoing a revival. The same governments that banned hemp production because of its conflation with marijuana are reopening business opportunities, and private entrepreneurs are investing huge sums in developing the hemp market.

But hemp's revival Is happening largely in the dark. Some countries don't track how much is being grown, and others have legal barriers that prevent the same kind or data collection seen with other crops.

In the United States, the focus of this report, the Department of Agriculture currently considers hemp legal only it grown as part of a state-backed pilot project Because hemp is monitored by the states rather than at the federal level. No national records are kept on the nascent industry even how much is growing and what farmers are doing with it.

The paint also remains subject to constantly Shifting regulations in the U.s. -at the time we were compiling this report-Congress was debating whether to remove more legal barriers to the cultivation ot hemp or return to 20th century bans on growing the plant. Meanwhile, U.S drug authorities were considering whether to change hemp's legal classification because of the development of an FDA- approved drug therapy derived from CBD.

In this time or great hemp uncertainty when market estimates vary exponentially and entrepreneurs have few government resources to and reliable data, this report offers exclusive Intelligence about the U.S. hemp market culled from extensive research and talking with entrepreneurs who know this Industry best.

Like the tough fibers wrapping hemp's core, the plant's market potential is hard to untangle. The modern hemp industry has largely been reliant on optimistic projections from activists who want to see hemps revival flourish, rather than evidence- based data points about the market.

That's how this Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook is different. You won't find rosy projections that have no explanation. You won't find best-case-scenario hunches that assume the challenges facing the hemp industry are in the past, when we make educated guesses on the future of the hemp market, we're transparent about our assumptions. And where data doesn't exist or seems incomplete, this report errs on the side of facts.

Our estimates and projections come with exclusive financial and operational data shared by people working in the hemp industry Hemp Industry Daily would like to thank the National Hemp Association, the Hemp Industries Association, the Colorado Hemp Co. and PNX. Botanicals for their help crafting and spreading the word about the hemp survey.

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