Burghley Day Camp 2019 Application Form
Hello Everyone

Day Camp is open to all members who are either not old enough or do not want to go to Resi Camp.

Camp will run from Monday 5th August to Thursday 8th August inclusive in Burghley Park.

We will endeavour to get everyone in who wants to come however places are allocated on a first come first served basis, and acceptance of an application is also subject to a representative of each child providing a days help at either the Spring Hunter Trial or the July Area Eventing.

Camp set up will be on Sunday 4th August 2.00pm until finish, a representative for each member attending camp must be present at camp set up. A detailed list of jobs will be allocated but include things like, strimming, putting up tents, course building, arena setting etc - the fields are completely clear as all equipment is used at resi camp the week before so we are starting from scratch.

Members are grouped into rides of age/ability which will be under the leadership of an experienced instructor. Camp will run from 10am to 4pm daily. There will be mounted instruction in the morning and afternoon and also some stable management lessons and other activities.

On Thursday afternoon parents are required arrive at camp at 1pm where jobs will be allocated to clear camp away, once this is completed there will be a parade and presentations which parents are invited to watch.

Ponies and members come to camp on a daily basis, unfortunately we do not have any facilities for the ponies to stay over. Children need to bring a picnic lunch each day and we provide cold drinks & biscuits/cakes during the morning and afternoon and a tuck shop is open after lunch. Members will be assigned helpers (an older Burghley PC member) for the duration of camp.

We appreciate that it may be too far/costly for parents to go home during the day but during camp hours parents will not be permitted in the camp fields as this disrupts the children’s learning and camp experience, therefore we ask that parents remain in the lorry parking field only and use that gate if walking up to the house/coffee shop.

During the week will we ask parents to provide cakes, biscuits and buns as in previous years but also this year we will need to provide items for instructors lunches in the same way as parents do for resi camp – this is one way we have kept costs down. Items and days will be organised in advance.

More detailed instructions and equipment lists will be sent out to those attending nearer the time.

The cost of Camp for 2019 is £100 in total, with a deposit of £50 due by June 14th and the balance of £50 due by July 5th.

Camp’hoodies’ and/or gillets will be available to purchase before camp and an order form will be sent out after your application is received.

Places can only be confirmed upon receipt of a fully completed application form and deposit followed by balance. Deposits will only be refunded if notification of cancellation is received prior to the full balance becoming due.

Due to the recent outbreak of Equine Flu, passports will be fully inspected before your application is accepted.
1. Whilst it is advisory to have a booster if your vaccination was more than six months ago we will allow those whose vaccination falls within the last year of the last day of Camp, August 2nd 2019.
2.Those of you who are either starting from scratch or have restarted must have completed two injections, the first followed by the second 21 days later followed by 7 days to allow for immunisation.

Your application requires a scanned or photocopied copy of your horse/pony’s vaccination certificate unless their vaccination booster falls due between the time of application and Camp, in which case please advise the date the vaccination is due and forward a photocopy once it has been done (please write name of member and horse/pony on photocopy.) This needs to be either emailed or posted to:

Mrs V Bignell
Fenland House
Broad Drove
Gosberton Clough
PE11 4JS


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Doctors Name and Telephone Number *
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Details of any Medical Condition/Allergy camp organisers should be aware of.
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Do you give your approval for general first aid/medication to be given to your child by the Camp Mum/Dad or on duty First Aider? This may include, but is not limited to, plasters, paracetamol, antiseptic/sting/bite ointment. *
Is there any medication your child is allergic to, or you do not want them to be given
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Details of any other information you feel camp organisers should be aware of.
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Does your child have any food allergies or intolerance ? If yes, please provide details.
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Horse Name (as on passport) *
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If a horse/pony in Camp requires veterinary treatment the Camp organisers will make every effort to contact the owner first. Please tick below so that appropriate treatment can be given in the event we are unable to contact you in a timely fashion. 'In the event of my horse/pony requiring emergency veterinary treatment whilst at Pony Club Camp and an officer or other responsible adult being unable to contact me, I hereby authorise the officer or other responsible adult to obtain such veterinary treatment for my horse/pony as they in their absolute discretion think necessary after consultation with a veterinary surgeon. This authority extends to all veterinary treatment including the giving of an anaesthetic where necessary and humane destruction if there is no alternative.' *
Name and telephone number of vet or veterinary surgery. *
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If the horse or pony attending Camp is not owned by yourselves please give name and contact number of owner.
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If your horse's flu booster is due between now and Camp please state below the due date and send your copy as soon as the vaccination is done. Boosters must be done at least seven days prior to the start of Camp. Please state Vaccination Due Date:
Does your horse/pony have any vices or habits whilst being ridden or being handled that organisers should be aware of ?
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What level of help will you child need at camp ie individual helper including leading, help tacking up etc.
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Thank you for your application to attend The Burghley Pony Club Day Camp 2019. After you have submitted this form please make a bank transfer to sort code 55 50 42, account number 63017105 to pay the deposit or full amount by June 14th and the balance by July 5th. Please give your child's name and 'Day Camp' as the reference. Please do not pay on paypal as the costs to the branch are considerable with these amounts. Don't forget that your application will not be accepted until your scanned email or posted photo copy of your flu vaccinations is required.
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