Identifying the factors that are critical for successful delivery of BIM by Design organizations in Indian AEC Industry
AEC Organisations adopt BIM Technology, define workflows and develop internal policies to deliver BIM projects. Identifying Critical Success factors, setting performance measures, and performing assessments will result in successful delivery of BIM projects. In India, AEC sector is the second largest industry after agriculture industry. Indian AEC sector employs more than 35 million people, has second highest inflow of foreign direct investment after services sector, and contributes to about 11.1% of India’s GDP. With such a massive investment happening in Indian construction sector. Indian AEC organizations has realized the benefits of delivering projects by adopting BIM technology and workflows. Currently, there is no research performed in Indian AEC sector to identify Critical success factors (CSFs) for BIM delivery by design organisations. A comprehensive framework of factors that influence successful delivery of BIM by design organisation is proposed. BIM CSFs for design organisations will be identified from this questionnaire survey which can benefit the design organisations in Indian AEC Industry to successfully provide BIM deliverables.

This survey would take 30 to 45 minutes. Your inputs are valuable and of higher importance in identifying CSFs for delivering BIM in design organizations. Results of this survey will be shared with all the respondents to help them in understanding CSFs for delivering BIM in design organizations. If you have any queries please contact me at

Hamsaja C H
GMBA, National Taiwan University.
Active member, India BIM Association.

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