Practice Evaluation
Must Be Completed Via Desktop Computer
Our goal is to help you get a better understanding of your practice and how you compare to your competition. We will also help point out some room for improvement and solutions to get you were you want to be. At any point please feel free to submit the form and we will contact you to further go over some of the best practice techniques available.

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To gain a better insight of the visibility your website has online to new prospective patients, please follow these instructions so that your browsing history and preferences will not interfere with an accurate search engine result.

• Google Chrome Users: click three vertical dots in the upper right, then select new incognito window
• Safari Users: click file along the top left, then select new private window
• Firefox Users: click three stacked lines in the upper right, then select new private window
• Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer: click three horizontal dots in the upper right, then select new in private window

Go to and insert your information as indicated in the parentheses. Look for your website link.

SEO Website Performance
Please enter the following and record where your site appears. This will be below any ads or map listings.
(your specialty) in (your town/neighborhood)
(your specialty) in (the local town/neighborhood west of you)
(your specialty) in (the local town/neighborhood east of you)
(your specialty) in (the local town/neighborhood north of you)
(your specialty) in (the local town/neighborhood south of you)
(your most profitable service) in (your town/neighborhood)
Search Engine Results - Google Maps
Google Maps are most frequently shown near the top of a search result, showing the top three results for a geographic area. Clicking more places, provides all results.
Search for (your specialty) in (your town/neighborhood). In the Map Results, how is your business ranked?
Click the name of your business within the map results, is your business claimed?
Is there a button that leads back to your website?
Are there at least 3 photos for all categories?
Does the information listed correctly portray your practice?
Website Functionality
Log on to your site and answer the following questions.
Does your website function properly? (do all page components load?)
Does your website load properly when examining from a mobile device?
Can a potential patient easily click your office phone number on your website via mobile?
Can a patient make an appointment from your site?
How happy would you say you are with the look of your site?
I would LOVE a new site
My site is brand new and I LOVE it
Patient reviews are crucial for new patient digital referrals. Are you doing everything you can to promote feedback?
Do you have a Yelp Profile?/Is it claimed?
Do you have a HealthGrades profile for each practice Provider?/Have they all be claimed?
Do you have reviews on Google?
What is the average review across Yelp, Healthgrades, and Google?
Is your office properly handling and publicly reacting to negative reviews?
Social Media - Branding
Social Media is a great way to engage with current and previous patients. It also allows you to reach the eyes of the friends networks of followers who engage with your posts.
Do you have a claimed Facebook Page?
Is Your Facebook Page properly branded?
Do you have a Twitter Page?
Is your Twitter properly branded?
Do you have a claimed Google+ page?
Do you have a Instagram business profile?
Have you posted on either your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Google+ within the last week?
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