Exploring your Colors
Below are 11 incomplete sentences that describe people. Each sentence has four possible
endings. Give four points to the phrase that is “most like you,” three points to the phrase
that is “next most like you,” two points to the next phrase, and one point to the phrase
that is “least like you.”
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Use the sentences below to describe your personality
1. When I make decisions: *
2. The best way for others to show me they care about me is to: *
3. When I’m with my friends, I like to provide: *
4. I like to: *
5. One thing I am really good at is: *
6. Friends who know me best would say that I am: *
7. My basic approach to life is: *
8. When I am feeling discouraged or “down in the dumps”: *
9. I feel good about myself when: *
10. Teachers at school who saw me when I wasn’t on my best behavior might describe me as: *
11. Teachers at school (who like me and in whose class I do pretty well) would probably describe me as: *
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