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Here's How It Works.........
I’m about to film my next 12 episodes of The Romance Your Tribe Radio Podcast and JBTV ( my 3 minute, quick tips videos I share on Facebook and Insta TV)........and I've had an idea on a win-win-win.

In my next batch of videos I’ll be answering questions from people in our Romance Your Tribe Community. I’ll be choosing the best questions and answering them, one question and answer per video.

So how does this promote you? I’ll be including a link below the video to the website or social media profile (your choice) of the person who asked the question for the week. This goes out to my list of thousands.

So a win for me (I know I’m answering your questions), for you (a chance for great exposure) and for the viewers (they’ll learn heaps).

***My tip to make the most of this opportunity:***

* Don't over think it. You don't need to have the wording perfect as I'll paraphrase on the video anyway.
* Don't wait to get your ducks in a row (perfect website, products created, perfect optin...yeah I'm reading your mind) because ducks are disobedient and those little quackers will never line up straight)
* These podcasts will be around for years so just a link to your website or social media is best....don't put links to optins as they may change in a few years and we won't be editing links.
* If you don't want to be promoted and only want to ask a question, that's cool. Just leave the promo questions blank.

OK...go get 'em!

P.S. When you've submitted your questions you'll see a message with a link to directly get the swipe file and how-to video so you can create your own survey using Google forms.
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