Job Application for True & 12 Handmade Ice Cream in Munich
Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We hire on a rolling basis. Even if there are currently no positions open, feel free to send us an application anyway. We look forward to getting to know you.

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Do you have a health condition which prevents you from scooping? On busy days, when there is one customer after another, a lot of scoops need to be made! If you have had hand surgery or a problem with your wrist, please consider this *
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If applying for kitchen work in our external kitchen: do you have a driver's license
Have you ever had a job in customer service before? If so, where and when. What were your responsibilites, what did you like most about the job and what did you not like about the job? *
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What do you when you are not working? do you have any hobbies?
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I can speak loudly when needed
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I get stressed easily
I can handle a lot - Bring it on!
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