Montgomery High Parent Governor Election
The people below have put their names forward for election to the vacant Parent Governor position on the Montgomery Academy Council. As a parent at Montgomery High School, you are invited to vote for your preferred candidate.

- Voting closes at 12 noon on Friday 28th February 2020 -
Laura Cartmer
My eldest daughter used to attend Montgomery School and I have another daughter there at present. I would like to be more involved in the school and have an input . I used to be On the committee at my children’s junior school and enjoyed being involved
Sheree Coburn
I am looking for a new challenge and feel getting more involved with my child’s education would be a an excellent challenge. I have worked in the financial sector for the last 19 years and now work part time so have time time to spare to this type of commitment. I am also a union and health and safety representative and feel I have the skills to carry out these duties.
Patrick George Hitie
I believe my day to day operations, one as a proud Father to my three children and Director of my own company gives me the insight to operate at a level which is sympathetic towards the challenges faced by society today. My work objectives are somewhat aligned to those detailed within the Governors ToR and see a familiar cross over! I am able to demonstrate emotional intelligence and apply a logical but functional strategic approach to all things! and finally, I am an ambassador of my own mentorship program, where I offer personal and career advice to those who ask.

Thank you for taking time to review my application, kind regards
Patrick Hitie
Joanne Hurley
I have worked as Registered Mental Nurse since 2006 but I have recently left the profession and I commence a part time Bachelors of Law degree on the 1st of February. I have the time and I feel I could bring the skills I have acquired to the role of a governor. I would try my best to develop my skills and mainly I would enjoy volunteering to enhance students experiences in education. I hope to work with the school to set aims and objectives which enables pupils to aim to achieve the best they can with support and understanding and problem solving the barriers which can hinder this.

I’m used to working in a multi disciplinary team and have have understanding of safeguarding, budgeting and management which was required In my previous job role however I understand the role of governor would be completely different to the role in my previous job am very willing to learn and attend training to hopefully do my best as a governor. I aim to use the skills I have and the skills I will learn to be able to work with you to making decisions in the best interests of the school community.
Jason Neame
I would like to be considered for a post as Governor for Montgomery in order to support the school in the delivery of education to our future generations. As a serving Officer within the Royal Air Force for the last 22 years, I have had the privilege of working, training and commanding men and women from all backgrounds. I feel there is a great deal I can offer to support to a school in which my child also attends.

I have experience within strategic leadership, developing strategies and structures to support training and ensuring compliance to a range of risk-related activities; ensuring a safe, challenging and rewarding learning and operational environment. With my second child about to start at Montgomery, I have seen first-hand the exceptional support that schools provide in today’s ever-changing context which extends far beyond that of just academia; I would very much like to be a part in how we prepare our children for the future.
Robert Sims
I would like to become more knowledgeable about the school and the education system within England, particularly the curriculum and how schemes or work are built to support the curriculum. I would like to know more about procedures and guidelines which have been developed on various school issues such as appointments of staff, health and safety, behaviour policy and child protection and safeguarding issues with relation to the school. I am interested in influencing the vision for the school through the school’s development plan and the financial plan.

I believe my individual strengths derived from both my work history and education ideally qualifies me for being a parent governor, including previous experience of attending and chairing properly convened meetings and being prepared for meetings by reading reports and documents relating to school improvement. My professional and teaching experience should facilitate a good working relationship with the principal, staff, parents, pupils and fellow governors.
Deborah Womersley
I have two children at the school, both of them with diverse needs. It would be nice to be a part of the school, formally, to be able to address certain issues that may arise and to be able to guide others in the dealing of these. I am a qualified counsellor with extensive experience and skills which would benefit the school, staff and students.
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