Parent-TESOL English/Spanish Survey
Piedmont Lakes Middle School Parent Survey

Families, please take a moment to complete this survey so that we may better serve you and our students. Your input is very valuable.

Parent Engagement, community support, and overall achievement is what we strive for at Piedmont Lakes Middle School. With that being said, not only do we want to better communicate with you our parents, our goal is to improve the entire education experience for the whole family.
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Do you feel welcomed at your child's school? ¿Se siente bienvenido en la escuela de su hijo? *
Do you understand the purpose of the ELL program? ¿Entiende el propósito del programa ELL? *
Do you feel that the communication between you and the school or teachers, is effective? ¿Sientes que la comunicación entre tú y la escuela o los profesores es eficaz? *
Do you think that your child is learning the skills and knowledge necessary for success? ¿Cree que su hijo está aprendiendo las habilidades y los conocimientos necesarios para tener éxito? *
Do teachers communicate with you about your child's progress in language development and academic subjects? ¿Los maestros se comunican con usted sobre el progreso de su hijo en el desarrollo del lenguaje y las materias académicas? *
Would you be interested in a workshop and if Yes, list things you would like the school to implement. ¿Le interesaría un taller? En caso afirmativo, enumere las cosas que le gustaría que la escuela implementara.
Would you be interested If we offered an Engish Language Course to help increase fluency in English? ¿Le interesaría si le ofreciéramos un curso de inglés para ayudar a aumentar la fluidez en inglés? *
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