Mary's Place + The Little Free Pantries: A community ride & drive to support local food security
Mary’s Place, Pedaling Relief Project and Little Free Pantries have collaborated on an event to redistribute non-perishable foods to local, mutual aid community groups and projects. We have witnessed an abundance of resources shared in the past 6 months by all levels of the community and Mary's Place has received more than they need for their six shelters. At present, they have an excess of several thousands of pounds of food that they want to redistribute with our help! As a team of community organizers, we want to continue helping others during the current health and climate emergency by supporting individuals and families who need assistance.

Join us at the White Center Food Bank or at the Bike Works warehouse in Columbia City on Thursday October 29th between 3 and 6pm, to help redistribute non-perishable food across the city. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to us as soon as possible to confirm a pick-up time. We will be limiting the number of pickups in half hour increments to maintain social distancing.

Have any questions about the event or want to learn more? Please visit the event page at

Information about the Little Free Pantries can be found here
Information about Mary's Place can be found here
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Which neighborhoods would you like to restock Little Free Pantries in?
We will provide a list of Little Free Pantries and other food support organizations that are requesting aid in the neighborhoods that you provide below. Depending on how full the pantries are when you visit them on the 29th, it is absolutely fine to store them in your home for an additional delivery or two over the next few days. See the location of all of the Little Free Pantries by checking out the map at
Which pick-up location would you like to start from?
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Are you planning on using your bike or your car to pick up the donated food?
We need help from both riders and drivers to redistribute this food out to pantries throughout Seattle! Also considering the severe weather we understand that you might choose to drive if you have access to a car even though you might normally bike.
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Pick-up times at White Center or Columbia City from 3 to 6pm
In an effort to keep everyone safe and follow physical distancing guidelines we are limiting the number to riders in each time slot to 5. As the final date is still being decided we will send you and email asking what your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd preferred pick-up times are once the final date has been locked in.
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Question for folks planning to ride their bicycles: How many bags are you able to transport on your bike or with a bike trailer?
We encourage you to bring your own reusable grocery bags with you to pick up food to restock the Little Free Pantries in your area! One kit will weigh anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds each and contain enough food and hygiene supplies to stock two Little Free Pantries. The kits will also contain printed information about the food bank and other support organizations that are local to the Little Free Pantry being restocked. For our amazing volunteer riders you should be able to carry at least one kit in a bag in your bike bags, on your rack, in your basket or anywhere else on your bike! If you do not have a reusable grocery bag to bring we will have paper bags for you at the pick-up locations, we just ask that you please donate the paper bags to your local food bank once you are done with them.
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Do you need to borrow a bike trailer from us?
These bike trailers are easy to install on your bike and we can help as needed! After you are finished with your delivery and no longer need the trailer you can ether bike it back to the pick up location or we can work with you to find a good pickup time and place for returning the trailer to us. Currently our trailers require that you have a bike with a quick-release rear wheel.
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Any additional specifications, comments, or questions?
Thank you again for you interest in supporting Little Free Pantries, Mary's Place and the Seattle Pedaling Relief Project! We're excited about continued collaborative support for the hyperlocal food support system in our communities!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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