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Financial Contributions
We do not have any funding for this conference and therefore have significant costs to cover to make this happen, so we would appreciate if people gave generously according to their ability to contribute. This cost includes a copy of the book "Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: the Children in Permaculture Manual", various goodies, as well as tea, coffee, etc. Lunch is NOT provided, so please bring your own or you can buy something from the Cecil Sharp House Cafe (or nearby cafe's, restaurants, shops, etc).
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Early bird payments must clear by 31st March. Note the amounts below are in Pounds Sterling, yet you can pay the equivalent amount in your preferred currency.
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Early bird payments must clear by 31st March
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Early bird payments must clear by 31st March. We cannot accept cash or cheques.
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Will you be coming to the London Permaculture Festival *
The London Permaculture Festival will be on Sunday 7th July 2019 at the same venue in Camden. We may organise some happenings there, so it is useful to know whether you are considering attending.
Would you be interested in attending a social gathering on 7th July in camden *
Given many of us will be at London Permaculture Festival, we are considering organising a pre CiP Conference gathering straight after it in the evening. So we would like to know what people would be interested to do. Please select what you would be interested in
Would you like to do something on the evening 8th
We imagine being a Monday, many people will need to go home on Monday evening. But some may also be interested in having a social after the CiP Conference. If you are up for it, what would you like to suggest we do?
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If yes, how many children and what age are they? (we will be in touch nearer the time to gather full details)
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This section is not mandatory. It is to help us to understand the diversity of interest in this conference
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