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All membership options include:
-access to our private forums and content
-priority access to our Tuesday lunches, Thursday hacking sessions and future whitepaper Wednesdays
-discounted tickets to our evening events
-access to our beautiful Tribeca office and common space
-unlimited coffee, fruit water, and beer
-conference rooms, nooks, wellness spaces, printing

Fully Validating Node - Permanent Desk ($650/mo) - 3 remaining

-Get a permanent desk inside our 12 person office
-WeWork Badge access to our office & WeWork facilities 24/7

Light Node - Flexible Desk ($450/mo) - 5 remaining

-Get a flexible desk in our office that overflows to the common when the office is full
-WeWork Badge access to our office & WeWork facilities 24/7

Public Key - Network membership ($250/mo)

-Visit by emailing us ahead up to two full days a week

Email us about starting a Mining Pool (Getting a private office) -
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