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What is EXP Invest?
A company dedicated to service retail participants in all their stock market needs. From portfolio clean up, to swing trading assistance and from stock queries to training in swing trading, we bring to you the whole cohort

Who can avail our services?
The 9-5er , business owner, retired personnel, homemaker, anyone else who wishes to earn a from the Stock Market by churning their capital. Minimum capital requirement is Rs. 2lac to participate in any plan. 

Who would be a good fit for Affiliate partner?
Members and non-members, anyone who can convey EXP Invest's brand motto EXPerience EXPertise with EXPonential growth, and explain it is a good fit to become our affiliate partner. This is only possible if you know me and my journey and believe in me.  I will help you understand the services of the company and give you necessary material to support you as you prove yourself to be the best Affiliate Partner of EXP Invest. 

This is a chance for freshers to get real world work experience and make real effort driven income, honing your own entrepreneurial drive in this process. EXP Invest is a registered Financial Services company and meeting thresholds can earn your experience certificate and / or letter of recommendation. 

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