OPIRG Public Interest Project Application 2019-2020
OPIRG McMaster can help you make an impact in meaningful ways.

Before you get started on this form, let's make sure you're applying to the most appropriate place for you in our support network. Are you a Public Interest Project? Campus/Community Partner? Require Other Supports?

1) Public Interest Projects allow McMaster undergraduates to tackle real and practical issues at the grassroots level. These projects may include various events but overall will aim for tangible and visible action, going a step further than raising awareness.

2) Campus/Community Partnerships are focused on events and programming to facilitate important conversations, make connections, and raise awareness for various social and environmental causes, and don't have to be led by undergraduates.

3) If you do not meet eligibility requirements for either Public Interest Projects or Campus/Community Partners, you can fill out the 'Programming Support Request' form so OPIRG can consider other ways to support you.

Please fill out the form below, so that we can find the best way to work together!
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Please review the OPIRG McMaster Public Interest Project Policy (http://bit.ly/PIPPolicy) for more information on the application process and to ensure that your application meets our Public Interest Project requirements and is complete when you submit it. *
Is your proposed project associated with a chapter or subgrouping of another existing internal or external association/organization (i.e. not OPIRG McMaster)? *
If you are associated with another existing organization, you are not eligible to become a Public Interest Project. You will be directed to apply for a 'Other Supports' instead.
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If you are not sure, you can get a run-down of the different categories on our website.
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