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World Youth Alliance (WYA) Austria invites young people to participate in Erasmus+ funded project carried out by World Youth Alliance chapters.

Our EU Elections are happening this May! And you should and can be part of them. Have you ever found yourself wondering if you actually really identify yourself with any party or if your single vote even makes a difference? Or why or who you are even voting for?

Come join us on a 3 day conference in the beautiful capital city of Vienna. World Youth Alliance Austria invites 42 interested young people to participate in its project “You(th) matter!” - Because Youth do matter. Come to Vienna and take up the opportunity of meeting decision makers, their views and what we can do together to shape our future.

Join us in our journey towards the 2019 European Parliament elections and get the information and background you need to make your vote count. The conference will help you understand democratic institutions and the decision making process, both on a national and European basis. There will be visits to the Austrian Seat of the European Parliament and the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with decision makers and voicing your concerns and issues close to your heart.
Furthermore you will get to meet other young people from across Europe and the chance to explore Vienna and its beautiful hidden treasures.

Please fill out the application form below if you wish to participate in the event. For any questions, please contact your local chapter representative.

We look forward to receiving your application!
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Privacy notification for the project participants
We collect your personal data (information) to the extent needed to enable your participation in You(th) Matter! Project. Such data collecting is based on General Data Protection Regulation. Your personal data is stored during and after the You(th) Matter! Project for purposes of keeping participants' project record. Unfortunately, if you refuse to give your personal data, you will not be able to participate in the You(th) Matter project.
Don't worry, your personal data is to be protected and not shared with unauthorised third party persons, except the people in organisation we cooperate with, such as: institutions, co-organisers, restaurants, supporting event organisers and other similar persons.
We do want to highlight the fact that you have, at any moment, the right to object your personal data collecting, the right to access your personal data, the right to limit your personal data collecting and the right to file a complaint to the body of supervisors, the Personal Data Protection Agency.
However, we ask you, that you primarily and firstly turn to us before filing such a complaint (including any concerns or questions you have about collecting your personal data). You can do so by sending an e-mail to
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