English Camp 2018 TEST
Při vyplňování prosím neopisujte ani nepoužívejte nápovědy. Jestli budete opisovat, skončíte ve skupině, kde se nebudete chytat. Takže žádný strejda Google a teta Wikipedia, každý sám za sebe, jo? Jdeme na to.
Doplňte věty z nabízených možností tak, aby dávaly smysl a byly gramaticky správně.
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We are _______ dinner soon.
My car is better than ___.
Pavel ____ a new frisbee yesterday.
A tourist stopped me and asked me _______
- Where is Jura? - I saw _____ towards the forest.
It's raining! Who ____ an umbrella?
What are you doing ___ Sunday?
- Did you like the movie? - Yes, I ___.
I like this car. _____ is it?
My friend told ___ home.
It seems weird, but _____ to judge.
This assignment ____ to be handed in until the end of the week.
Hardly ____ reading when there was a power failure.
This yogurt must be eaten ____ two days of purchase.
I failed the test. I think I _______ .
Have you ever _____ to the USA?
I asked Rachel ______ from. She said she came from Pennsylvania.
He ought _____ the doctor.
Emma finds it easy to ____ friends.
Let's just say he's not the sharpest tool in the ____ .
Perfect. You can do it on the way there. That's what I call killing ______.
Even though his wife had a job, he felt it was his responsibility to ________.
He made a stupid ____ remark and now he feels bad about it.
They are always going to these exotic vacations. They must have _____.
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