Jujitsu Card Access
To have building access, you must satisfy one of the following:

(1) Be a current Stanford student, staff, or faculty.
(2) You are not one of the above but you have a Stanford recreational pass/ID card.

If you are a Jujitsu instructor and need a recreational pass, please contact the club officers.

What is your first name? *
Your legal name, as listed on Stanford records.
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What is your last name? *
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What is your email address? *
If you have a Stanford email, please list it below. We will notify you once card access has been granted.
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What is your current Stanford affiliation? *
What is your SUNetID number? *
This is a 9-digit number located near the top left on your Stanford ID card. Please include the leading zeros.
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What is your ID barcode number? *
This is a 15-digit number located above the barcode, at the bottom right of your ID card.
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