2020 Loveland Sports Camp Job Application
This is an application to work at the 2020 Loveland Sports Camp.

Applicants must currently be 16 or be age 16 by May 31, 2020.
Applications must be filled out by the applicant (not by parents).
You will receive an auto-response confirming we received your application.
You will receive a separate application in May where you can list your daily coaching availability and preferences.


There will be mandatory training sessions before you are able to work at the camp.

Applicants will be selected using a ranking based on this criteria:
• Years of experience
• Related experience
• Availability throughout the summer.
• Interview ranking (first year only)

All camp employees must be certified for CPR/First Aid/AED or an equivalent certification such as lifeguarding. If you do not have those certifications we will have a class for applicants to take in May.

Questions? Please contact us at lovelandsportscamp@gmail.com
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Are you available Mornings 8:30-12:30PM, Afternoons 12:30-4:30PM, or both? *
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Are you currently Certified in CPR/First Aid/AED or Lifeguarding? *
If yes when does your certification expire?
If no or if your certification is expiring, would you like to sign up for the Red Cross course that we will be offering? Cost and date TBD. *
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