High School Parent Internet Access Survey
Survey parents of students as to the type of Internet access they have in the home
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1. Do you have Internet access in your home?
2. If you answered No to Question 1 above, is it because Internet access is not affordable? (Answer and Go to Question 7)
3. What type of Internet access do you have in your home?
4. Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
5. What is the speed of your Internet?
6. Do you have a WiFi (Wireless) Router?
7. What type of Internet capable device(s) does your student have access to at home? (Answer even if you do not have Internet access at home) Please select all that apply
8. Is the device your student has access to, their own personal device or a shared household device?
9. If your student does not have their own personal device would they be able to use the household device for an extended period of time to do homework, research, or watching video lessons?
10. Would you prefer your student bring home and use a school district owned laptop to do school work?
11. Would you be willing/able to pay a small fee to cover the school district owned laptop against accidental damage, loss or theft?
12. If you answered Yes to Question 11, how much would you be willing to pay toward insurance coverage (yearly)?
13. If you answered No to Question 11, is it because cost of the insurance is not affordable?
14. How many students in your household attend Northern Lehigh High School?
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