TX PLTW Teacher of the Year Nomination Form
Texas Project Lead The Way presents its TX PLTW Teacher of the Year awards to one recipient in each of the following areas:
• TX PLTW Biomedical Science Teacher of the Year
• TX PLTW Computer Science Teacher of the Year
• TX PLTW Engineering Teacher of the Year
• TX PLTW Gateway Teacher of the Year
• TX PLTW Launch Teacher of the Year
Each award is designed to recognize educators who inspire, engage, and empower their students by creating transformative learning experiences in their classrooms through PLTW programs.

Nominations may be made by any member of the educational community (staff, faculty, administrators, or students).
Self-nominations are accepted as well.

This nomination form will be open until Friday, December 15, 2017 11:59 PM CST. Finalists will be chosen and notified by Monday, January 8, 2018.
The winners will be publicly announced at the 2018 TX PLTW Conference. Each awardee will receive a plaque and a comped registration to the conference.

1) NOMINEE'S RESUME (REQUIRED Details on Rubric)

2) ESSAY outlining how the nominee meets the three criteria listed in the “Criteria for Selection” section of the Rubric. The format should adhere to the following guidelines: maximum 300 words for each criteria, not to exceed 900 words total.

3)TWO LETTERS OF SUPPORT from individuals who are familiar with the nominee’s work. Each letter should not exceed 750 words each. When possible, use letterhead. Make sure letters are signed and dated appropriately. Letters should reference the nominee’s strengths, identify accomplishments, and highlight teaching methods and experiences that directly connect to the criteria for selection.
Letters must be from the categories identified below:
Letter 1: Educational Leader
Letter 2: Student (Letters accepted from a current student or a student who has been enrolled in the nominee’s class within the last two years)

RUBRIC for application can be found at http://www.texaspltw.org/professional-development/conference

Definition of a "Teacher":
It is the intent of the TX PLTW Teacher of the Year Awards to recognize those persons currently responsible for the day-to-day instruction of K-12 students. There is an assumption in this scenario that nominees will be utilizing PLTW curriculum. Therefore, nominees for this award may also include such individuals as teaching specialists, technology integration specialists, etc., for it is the duties and responsibilities of one’s job that define one’s role, rather than one’s title. Nomination for this award would not be appropriate if more than 75 percent of one’s responsibilities do not include the direct instruction of students.

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Criteria for Selection
Nominees will demonstrate a strong record of work that aligns to the following PLTW strategic goals:

Effect on the lives of students:
• Demonstrates commitment to student needs
• Demonstrates success in implementing PLTW programs and curriculum, above and beyond his/her peers
• Inspires students to engage/apply learning beyond the classroom, etc.

Champion of PLTW:
• Promotes PLTW in the school, community, and district
• Actively engages with the PLTW network through local, state, or national initiatives
• Supports growth of the PLTW program (or engagement with community) over time

• Demonstrates leadership within the classroom, school, school district, and the PLTW network
Exemplary instructional practice:
• Uses or supports the use of innovative methods and tools to engage students in activity-, project-, problem-based
• Uses or supports the use of evidence-based best practices
• Demonstrates strong pedagogical and content knowledge
Continuous Improvement:
• Actively pursues professional and personal development, and encourages or supports the professional
development of others

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