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--LATEST UPDATE: 02/17 Upcoming beers! (+"TREM" release 2 poll)--
By popular demand, here is a list of upcoming beers, dates TBA:
1. Atlantis will prevail / Turn back the seas // Norwegian NEIPA with Oslo Brewing Coo.
2. Citra Squid // single-hop, DDH SPQ successor
3. Squid 3D // .... stay tuned

After that, we're planning to release a new, experimental variant of TREMENDOUS with Joey Mars!
.... see our related POLL QUESTION, below.

02/12/2020 STICKERS SENT!
Our first round of stickers are sent out!
Videos from two days of cutting and envelope stuffing:

01/28/2020 THANKS, Rhode Island!
Thank you to all the new friends that we met at the Rhode Island Brewfest. You all were wonderful. Also, if you happen to have any pictures of the booth, feel free to share them here:

We are slow... 😐 We are just ordering stickers now, and will be sending out the first round soon!


We're FAB. Launched by Ben Holmes, we're on a mission to activate world-class beers as an international vehicle of activist art. To celebrate our first canning run and meet future fans, we're mailing out free stickers. Choose a design and we'll mail you two stickers--one for your fancy laptop or car bumper, and one to stick somewhere special.

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Choose a design to get free stickers mailed to you. Our next sticker shipment will be inspired by our upcoming collaboration brew with Oslo Brewing Co...
(optional) [Added 02/17] Important question.... What should the next version of tremendous be?
NEXT STICKER BEER: This will guide our thinking about how to prioritize upcoming can releases... and more imporantly, influence the next stickers that we send out. Suggest new ideas
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Featured taster?
[OPTIONAL] We're opening up a sign up list for Untappd users that would like to be part of our tasting program, and whose check-ins will be featured on our website with the beer descriptions. We'll also share upcoming tiny-batch releases and special stuff. Interested? (More info on the next page)
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[OPTIONAL] Let us know if you think we should be in a new cool pub or restaurant in your area. We'll reach out to see if they want to get FAB beer when we have the capacity!
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**NOTE: Want to share beer samples with your local bartender? Let us know! Email, and we can get you a 4-pack to share with them! That's legal, right? Yes. Our lawyer is a squid. 🦑 **
Thanks for joining us. We're excited to meet you
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