Survey for visitors
This questionnaire is addressed to those who have visited the territory of the Maremma Regional Park in the last ten years.
Parco della Maremma ( has recently started the implementation of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS), an operational tool for the management of tourism in the Parks to integrate the project "Quality Brand" already started in the last months from the Park of Maremma.
The CETS, created and issued by EUROPARC Federation (, represented in Italy by Federparchi (, commits the protected areas in the implementation of a strategy for tourism development respectful of natural resources cultural and social, and that it contributes in a fair and positive way to the economic and social development of the resident communities in harmony with the visitors' expectations.
That means that CETS represents an important opportunity to identify, together with all the stakeholders, new and effective ways of sustainable development of the territory and to improve the tourist attraction.
The main element of the process is made from the close collaboration and involvement of all the interested parties who, from the early stages, together with the Park, represent the main actors in the process of identifying and building a sustainable tourism strategy.
This strategy will be defined through a participatory process in which each individual resident and tour operator will be envolved to define the Action Plan best suited to the Park for a sustainable tourism.
In this time the application path includes the construction of a thorough investigation of the territory from a social economic and tourist point of view, who is leading the Park to the creation of a Diagnostic Report, useful for making an existing photograph in the territories concerned
For this purpose, the Park has made a brief questionnaire through which It seeks to derive important informations and ideas to improve .
Thank you for the cooperation and the help you will give in defining the Park's sustainable tourism strategy.
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