Feedback to YEAR's activities
Dear Young Researcher, your opinion matters to us! We are here for contributing to your career development and we would be keen on knowing what you think about the activities we propose. Just take a few minutes to answer the following questions!
1. In which organisation are you working? *
2. Do you know YEAR / Are you familiar with the activities we are organizing? *
3. How can YEAR best contribute to your career development (1 being the best contribution and 5 the least-needed contribution)?
Organising trainings on horizontal topics (for example project management, open science, project selling…) for early-career researchers
Arranging networking opportunities around your research field and beyond
Influencing European policies or EC debates to ensure that early-career researchers are taken into account
Helping you to arrange an exchange with another research institute in Europe
1. Best contribution
2. Good contribution
3. Neutral
4. Less-needed contribution
5. Least-needed contribution
Other - Precise:
Your answer
4. As Young Researcher, are you often given the opportunity in your profesionnal life to extend your network or competences (through courses, participation at international/national events etc.)?
If yes, which events do you attend/ which courses do you take?
Your answer
5. What can be a barrier for you to take part in events?
6. Prioritize the most useful activities to you while attending an event, 1 being the most useful and 5 the least useful:
Presentations by experts
Discussions/ Exercises in groups/round tables
Social activities/networking
1. Most useful
2. Useful
3. Neutral
4. Not really useful
5. Least useful
Other - Precise:
Your answer
7. How interesting are the following events for you? Prioritize them, 1 being for you the most interesting and 4 the least interesting:
Event dedicated to your research field
Event dedicated to a bigger challenge in which your research field can play a role
Event dedicated to a horizontal topic not directly linked to research (for example project management, open science, project selling…)
1. Most interesting
2. Interesting
3. Neutral
4. Least interesting
Other - Precise:
Your answer
8. Prioritize how interesting the following contacts are for you, 1 being the most interesting and 9 the least interesting:
Experts /senior researchers in your field
Experts/senior researchers in other fields
Young researchers in your field
Young researchers in other fields
Industry partners
Legal, ethical and social experts
Policy makers
1 (Most interesting)
9 (Least interesting)
Other - Precise:
Your answer
9. Would you be willing to take part in a 1-3-month exchange in another research institute in Europe?
10. What topics on EU level shall YEAR have influence on?
Your answer
11. Do you have a suggestion for a lead topic for the next YEAR Annual Conference or training event?
Your answer
12. Do you have any further suggestions to improve our YEAR activities?
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