Nipissing Basketball Association Player Registration 2020
Please use this form to register for the Pro Sports Management 2020 NBA league.
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You must sign up for the division representing the player age on January 1, 2020. NO EXCEPTIONS.
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Waiver of Liability *
Release of liability, waiver of claims, assumption of risks and indemnity agreement. By check the box below, you will waive certain legal rights including the right to sue. In consideration for allowing me to participate in any or all events and related activities of the Nipissing Basketball Association / Pro Sports Management, I hereby warrant and agree that: (1) I am familiar with and accept that there is always the risk of serious injury and death resulting in participation in any participation in any organized recreational activity particularly those involving contact and non contact sports, fitness activities offered as part of the program of the Nipissing Basketball Association / Pro Sports Management; and" I have satisfied myself, and believe, that I am physically, emotionally and mentally able to participate in this program, and that my equipment is appropriate for use in this program; and (2) I understand that all applicable rules for participation must be followed and that at all times the sole responsibility for personal safety remains with me; and (3) I will immediately remove myself from participation, and notify the nearest official, if at any time I sense or observe any unusual hazard or unsafe condition or if I experience any deterioration in my physical, emotional or mental fitness, or that of my equipment, or exceed my comfort level, for continued participation in any event or related activity. I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE, ON BEHALF OF MYSELF, MY HEIRS, ASSIGNS, PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES AND NEXT OF KIN THAT MY EXECUTION OF THIS DOCUMENT CONSTITUTES: (1) AN UNQUALIFIED ASSUMPTION BY ME OF ALL RISKS associated with my participation in any or all of the events and related activities of the Nipissing Basketball Association / Pro Sports Management even if arising from the negligence or gross negligence, including any compounding or aggravation of injuries caused by negligent rescue operations or procedures, of Nipissing Basketball Association / Pro Sports Management, any event organizer, event venue; or in transportation to and from such events and activities, and (2) A FULL AND FINAL RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND ALL CLAIMS that I have or may in the future have, against Nipissing Basketball Association / Pro Sports Management, all event sponsors, event venues, and their respective directors, officers, employees, coaches, leaders, contractors agents and representatives, advertisers, volunteers, others participating in any capacity, (all of whom are collectively referred to as "the Releases") from any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense that I may suffer as a result of my use of or my presence at event facilities, or my participation in any part of, or presence at, any or all of the events and related activities of the Releasee due to any cause whatsoever, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, GROSS NEGLIGENCE, BREACH OF CONTRACT, OR BREACH OF ANY STATUTORY OR OTHER DUTY OF CARE, INCLUDING ANY DUTY OF CARE OWED UNDER THE RELEVANT OCCUPIERS LIABILITY ACT ON THE PART OF THE RELEASES. (3) AN AGREEMENT NOT TO SUE THE RELEASEES for any loss, injury, costs or damages of any form or type, howsoever caused or arising, and whether directly or indirectly, from my participation in any aspect of the said events and related activities: (4) And AN AGREEMENT TO INDEMNIFY, and to SAVE and HOLD HARMLESS the RELEASEES, and each of them, from any litigation expense, legal fees, liability, damage, award or cost, of any form or type whatsoever, they may incur due to any claim made against them or anyone of them whether the claim is based on the negligence or the gross negligence of the Releasees or otherwise. An agreement that this document be governed by the laws, and in the courts of the Province or Territory in which the said events and related activities take place. I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS AGREEMENT AND I AM AWARE THAT BY CHECKING THE "YES" BOX I AM WAIVING CERTAIN SUBSTANTIAL LEGAL RIGHTS WHICH I AND MY HEIRS, NEXT OF KIN, EXECUTORS, ADMINISTRATORS AND ASSIGNS MAY HAVE AGAINST THE RELEASEES.
Payment *
Yes, I will pay immediately.
Fair Play Policy *
In order to maintain a positive, fun yet competitive environment, the Nipissing Basketball Association / Pro Sports Management will adopt the following Fair Play Policy. All participants are required to sign the Fair Play Form and adhere to its rules. This policy is meant to deter negative and aggressive behaviour both during the game and after. The referees have the power to assign both yellow cards and red cards. Yellow cards are a warning. Players receiving two yellow cards in one match will be ejected from that match. Yellow cards are assigned for unsportsmanlike behaviour or SERIOUS infractions of the rules. Things like swearing, yelling at the referee or other players, being unsafe, or cheating in the game are all infractions that could draw a yellow card. The referee has this discretion. Red cards can be awarded automatically without warning if the referee feels it is justified. Red cards carry an automatic ejection from the match. The player must leave the GYM after receiving a red card or two yellow cards. Players ejected from a match will have their case review by the discipline committee and further suspension or action may be enforced at the discretion of this committee. All RED CARDS carry an automatic one game suspension. Players earning a second red card in a season will be suspended for two games. If a player receives a third red card they will be removed from the league with no refund.I agree to abide by the fair play policy during the 2018 season. I understand the expectations and the penalties for various infractions in the Nipissing Basketball Association / Pro Sports Management. By checking the "yes" box, I indicate my agreement to the fair play policy.
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