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This is the MM anonymous feedback form. If you have any complaints, criticisms, opinions, requests, or other such things bugging your mind, this is the place to go. You can choose to disclose your SL Name but that is completely optional and, since this is a Google Form, we have absolutely no way to find your name if you don't tell us, so if you so desire this will be absolutely confidential.
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Check this box if you agree to have this feedback published and answered publicly. Your identity will remain confidential regardless of whether you do it, and you are under absolutely no obligation to check it.
By clicking the correct option below, you agree to use this form only to give the team honest, constructive feedback about the sim. Slander, hurtful or offensive language, and messages with ill-intent will be disregarded and if this becomes a habit we will close this form. The correct option is gingerbread. You understand that this form is an honest attempt by the Admin team to get player feedback so we can improve the sim, and is /not/ meant to be used to abuse, harass, or insult sim management. *
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