Neuro Therapy Centre - Carers Survey 2018
Your answers to these questions are really important to us as they help us identify your needs and ways that we can respond to them. We will also use your responses to demonstrate to our funders the ways in which we support Carers, and also secure further funds for the Centre.

The Centre is here for People with Neurological Conditions (PwNCs), but it is also here for YOU, their Carer. As you work through this questionnaire, please think about YOUR needs as well as those of the person you care for, thank you.

1. Which local authority do you come under? *
If you have selected ‘Other’, we would really appreciate you making a comment so we can identify your Local Authority.
If you have selected 'other' please let us know the authority.
Your answer
2. How often do you attend the Neuro Therapy Centre?
3. Have you been offered a 'Carers Assessment' by your Local Authority?
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