RECAMFT Committee/Special Interest Group (SIG) Monthly Activity Report Form
Chairs of RECAMFT Committees are responsible for completing this form on/before the Tuesday prior to the monthly Board meeting. Board members are responsible for reading the spreadsheet summary of these reports before the Friday Board meeting. Please be brief in your reports. Thank you!
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Action items taken by your committee this month.
Please list your action items by number. Ex. 1. Discussed XYZ. 2. Contacted XYZ Vendor for estimate. 3. Agreed to meet on X-date to discuss estimate. If you did not meet, please leave blank or briefly state why a planned meeting was cancelled..
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Board of Directors motions needed for your committee?
Please include any motion you want the Board to consider. For example, "Consider moving that the Committee receive X-number dollars to fund XYZ vendor for X-event." Or "Board should decide on a date for X-event".
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Next steps for your committee.
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Date of your next committee meeting.
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