Tardy/Absence Request Form
This is a REQUEST form. Students will request and Directors will determine the approval or denial of the request for excusal. We require at least 2 weeks notice for all requests. Last minute requests for larger unforeseen circumstances are okay (death in family, major injury, etc.). You'll need to fill out a request form for each request (even if it is a trip and it spans across multiple events).

Inform your section leader for any request you are submitting - so they are aware. We are a team here - and every role is very important. We need to know if people will be tardy, absent, and/or leaving early - and it has to be approved in order to have it excused.

ATTENDANCE WILL EFFECT YOUR GRADE FOR MARCHING BAND and our overall product for marching band. Please take it seriously and let's perform at a high level.

Questions - email your director

Make sure the email listed below is the student's email
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The date you are requesting to be absent, tardy, etc.  *If you need to request multiple dates, please submit the form for each day of absence*
Anticipated Time of Arrival
(If Tardy)
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 (If leaving early)
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If no, make sure you do it now! :) (if it's personal, just let them know you've put in a request for a certain date - and for the why - just keep it in this form)
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