Get Into Resources 2018 Quiz
Please submit your answers for a chance to win the 2018 Get Into Resources prize - a visit to the DeGrussa mine site!
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Visit at least 4 booths in the expo and talk to the people at them. After a great discussion ask them for their booth code word and enter it here (you need at least four words here to be eligible for the prize)
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How many people work in the WA Resources sector? *
Australia is in the top three leading producers for which minerals? *
Hematite is a source of? *
Bronze is an alloy of which two metals? *
What is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature? *
What is the chemical symbol for gold? *
Which everyday product DID NOT come from mineral sands? *
What was the first metal mined in Australia? *
What does PPE stand for? *
What helps us to power mobile phones? *
Which government department is responsible for resources in WA? *
What is the major use of gold? *
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