CYC Summer Race Team Registration
As previously discussed, our race team price is increasing this summer, but we will offer the program at different prices- per week, half summer (4 Weeks) and full summer (8 Weeks)

Full Summer (8 Weeks). Members: $925
Non-Members: $975
Half Summer (4 weeks) Members: $500
Non-Members: $550
By week Member: $160 **Doyle team members receive member pricing
Non-Member: $185

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Session Registration
Please see our program below, and select the session your sailor would like to sail in. Please note more than one session may be registered for at one time (you do not need to fill out multiple registrations unless you are registering multiple sailors) A confirmation email of your program and additional details will be sent to you as soon as possible post registration.
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Billing Information
Please provide how you would like to be billed for this program- please note if you are a non-member payment needs to be procured before your sailors first day of programming. If you choose to use a CC please note that a staff member will be calling to procure payment.
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