Quiz Module 2- Refrigeration
HLPAE-Major Appliance Repair Program
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Defrost timers are __________________run type timers.
The evaporator fan motor is located in the___________section.
Thermostats sense the coldness in the _______________section, then turns the compressor ON or OFF.
The _________________is located a the bottom and in the back of the refrigerator.
The____________heater is located behind the rail separating the freezer and refrigerator sections and is used to prevent sweating between the two.
The evaporator fan motor forces air throughout the freezer and refrigerator sections.
Defrost timers in the defrost cycle last no more than ____________minutes.
Start relays used on compressors get the voltage to the start and run windings at the same time.
Start capacitors________________the starting torque of the compressor.
The________________heater melts the ice that's on the evaporator.
The condenser fan motor pulls air across the condenser to cool it.
When the refrigerator door is opened, the interior light switch turns both the freezer and refrigerator lights ON at the same time.
When the compressor gets too hot________________opens and shuts the compressor OFF.
The ______________heater prevents sweating around the freezer door opening.
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