TPMUN 4.0 Secretariat Application
Welcome to TPMUN, the world's first Model UN focusing on real-life problems impacting teenagers across the world! Our unique Model UN experience can only be truly special when we create a team of amazing Secretariat members, so it's crucial we gather the best. The application below shouldn't take long to fill out, but we want to learn about you, your experiences, and why you want in! Spots are limited, since we are also considering TPMUN 3.0 Secretariat.
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Applications Team: Responsible for supervising the registration process, sending emails to delegates, and keeping delegate information organized.
Marketing/Media Team: Working our social media and other resources to find chairs and delegates.
Academics Team: Organizing chairs, narrowing topics, checking study guides.
Delegate Affairs Team: working with delegates to ensure a positive experience for all.
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Thank you so much for applying! We'll keep in touch and let you know as soon as possible.
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