2018 South's BEST Student Survey
This survey is used to collect information about students participating in the 2018 South's BEST Regional Robotics Championship. Please fill out the survey accurately to the best of your ability.
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School Name *
Please enter your full school name unless. Try to avoid abbreviations unless they are almost always used.
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Please enter your full 4-digit team number as assigned by BEST (ex. 0123 or 1234)
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College Preferences
If you intend to go to college after high school, please indicate your top three college preferences.
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Field of Study
If you plan to go to college, which field of study do you plan to go into. If you are planning on studying multiple things or are undecided, please check all that you are interested in or plan to study.
If you do not intend to attend college, please indicate why:
Clear selection
Has participating in BEST Robotics increased your interest in the fields of math, science, or engineering? *
How many years, including this year, have you participated in BEST Robotics? *
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