AYUSH Get Together Mumbai 13th March 2016
Welcome to AYUSH get together !
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eStep towards constructive Tribal Empowerment, Lets do it together!
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About AYUSH picnic
#Name : AYUSH Get Together Mumbai March 2016
#Date : 13/03/2014 (Sunday)
#Venue :Krantiveer Shahid Birsamunda Aadivasi Samaj Kalyan Kendra, Salve Nagarchya bajula, Mulgaon, M.I.D.C Road No-19, Andheri (East)
#Meeting Time : ~10.00 am ~3.00 pm

# How to reach : आयुश गेट टुगेदर स्थळी पोहचण्याकरिताअंधेरी (पूर्व) येथून बेस्ट बसेस

#)बस क्रमांक 1)434 (थेट) स्टॉप आकृती सेंटर ला उतरावे.
#)बस क्रमांक1)415
5)312 गौतम नगर स्टॉप ला उतरावे

# Objective of Get together
1) Personal Introduction and Understanding Adivasi Think Tank Concept
2) Connecting active volunteers and core team for organizing monthly meetings at Mumbai

# Objective “Adivasi Think Tank Mumbai 2016” :
: Strengthening Communication in Adivasi Intellectuals/Professionals/Students about constructive Adivasi Empowerment

# Method :
1) Coming together monthly 1 day, Sharing views and constructive action plan for Adivasi empowerment, Experience & Information sharing
2) Establishing Experts core groups to work on dedicate on strategic plan of action to find constructive solutions of Adivasi Issues
3) Sharing road map to public domain and sharing to organizations working for adivasi community

# Focused Participants :
Working Professionals, Students, Youth, Tribal Organisational representatives, Etc

#Emergency Contact No.:
Santosh Ahadi (99307 88891)
Ramchandra Vedaga ( 90499 23394)
Sachin Satvi (0 9246 361 249)

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