Rabble Lending Program
Want to take Rabble for a spin? Fill out the info below and we'll send you a prototype of Rabble to bring to your next game night for free. After you're done playing, send Rabble back to us or give it to a friend who will enjoy it. Either way, we'll cover shipping. All we ask for is a $25 deposit that we'll refund after we get Rabble back.
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Rabble is a party game with acting, pop-culture references, and sometimes inappropriate humor. You'll need at least 4 people to play Rabble. You cool with that?
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We'll cover the cost of shipping both ways as well as the game itself but we ask that you make a $25 deposit. Once you send Rabble back to us, we'll refund your deposit. *
Right now, we're only able to offer this service to the US. If you would like to borrow Rabble and are outside the US, would you consider covering the cost of shipment? *
We will reach out to confirm a shipping date as well as provide the link for you to make your deposit. You can always email us with questions at rabblegame@gmail.com *
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