OPIRG Brock 2020 online OPT-IN form
Hello and thank you for your interest in becoming a member of OPIRG Brock!

If you are looking to OPT-IN to OPIRG Brock and become a member, please fill in this form. Following the completion of this form, your membership will be sent to our Board of Directors, and you will be contacted to pay the membership fee. By holding an OPIRG Brock membership, you are able to run or apply for the OPIRG Brock Board of Directors and vote in the Annual General Meeting in September.

To maintain a membership-in-good-standing, you must agree to and uphold the OPIRG Brock Safer Space Policy. (https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/8b3aa0_83515e64377e460a95e8f159089ffc02.pdf), as well as other relevant OPIRG Brock policies.

Upon membership approval and paying this fee will result in a membership to OPIRG Brock until December 31, 2020. There are a range of options for membership fees ($0- $20, sliding scale). If paying the membership fee creates a financial barrier for you from being a member of OPIRG Brock, please choose the option of a 'Community Support Membership'.

For paying a membership fee, you have multiple options:
- Pay in cash to an OPIRG Brock staff or Board member
- One-time payment by e-transferring amount you indicated to opirgbrockfinances@gmail.com (preferred)
- Sign up to become a regular Patron on our Patreon account ($5 - membership come to the Board of Directors for review after 2 months of payments, $10+ membership is considered immediately). Each Patreon level results in perks and a level of buy in focused on keeping OPIRG Brock alive. To sign up this way, please visit patreon.com/opirgbrock .
- You may have also already paid for your membership by having already signed up on Patreon, purchasing a Community Connect Discount Card, or by participating as a vendor in the OPIRG Brock Fundraiser Market.

*Please note that due to restrictions related to COVD-19, we are currently paused on our ability to issue Community Connect Discount Cards

**If you work with an organization that would like a Community Organization Membership, please indicate that on the form below and we will send you a follow up email. Even if you have not cleared this with the other members of your organization, if you are at all interested, please click yes and that will allow us to send you more details to take back to your group.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about online OPT-IN's or OPIRG Brock in general, please feel free to email info@opirgbrock.com.
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By signing below, I indicate that to my knowledge I am in good standing with OPIRG Brock and wish to join its membership. I understand that my application may be rejected or my membership may be revoked at any time if my actions conflict with the mandate, Safe Space Policy or any other policies of OPIRG Brock, jeopardize the reputation or future of OPIRG Brock, or otherwise causes harm to the community. At this time my membership fee would be refunded in person or by mail to the address provided. NOTE: Any person who is a member of another Chapter of the Ontario Research group is not eligible for membership in the Brock chapter. *
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Valid until December 31, 2019. At this time you will be contacted about updating your membership. The only requirement for this section is that you choose at least one of the Individual Membership Options (all other choices are optional).
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