How do YOU enjoy the outdoors?
Last year, the Cameron County Project asked our residents what they value about Cameron County, and we heard an overwhelming response that our Nature and Recreational opportunities were a high value local asset. Now, we’re taking it one step further, to ask how others prefer to enjoy their time in nature in order to help us better understand how we can share what we value with those who recreate here.

Your information will help us better understand what outdoor enthusiasts look for when they’re ready to hike, bike, or paddle their way through a vacation. We’re excited for what you have to say.

For more information about the Cameron County Project and it's work, check them out here:
What type(s) of outdoor activities are you and your family / friends most interested in? *select all that apply *
What type(s) of outdoor activities would you and your family / friends travel at least 75 miles to experience? *select all that apply *
When traveling for longer than one day for outdoor recreation, what type of lodging do you prefer? *
When traveling for outdoor recreation, what is your preferred dining option? *
Approximately how far away from Cameron County, PA do you live? (Google Map: *
In which season(s) are you most active in the outdoors? *select all that apply *
When traveling specifically for outdoor recreation, how long do you typically stay at your destination? *
If you enjoy cycling, what is your experience level? *
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