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To indicate your accommodation and meals preferences for an ENVC Retreat other than your first ENVC Retreat in the program, please complete this form and click Submit. NB You can only do this for one Retreat in advance.

If this is your FIRST ENVC Retreat and you haven't yet registered for the program, please click here :

If this is your first ENVC Retreat and you have already registered for the program but still need to register for your accommodation and meals, please complete this form.

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$650 per person includes accommodation and all meals at Peter Canisius House (plus any surcharges as above).
Payment is due no later than 14 days prior to the Retreat commencing.

You can pay now if you wish, by Bank Deposit or with your Credit or Debit Card.
You will be shown details on how to pay after you click 'Submit' on this Form.

Confirmation of your booking and/or payment will be sent to you as an Invoice or Receipt.
IMPORTANT : Please ensure you have read our Policies regarding rescheduling/cancellations at

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