New Summit SAC Application
This is a brief application to explain why you are interested and qualified to serve on our School Accountability Committee(SAC).

The New Summit Charter School Accountability Committee (SAC) is an advisory committee that will work through continuous, positive improvements, ensuring fulfillment of all mandates (local/state/federal) for governance, accountability and accreditation requirements as outlined in the Academy School district 20 Board of Education Policies.

The Purpose of the SAC is to:

Make recommendations to the Principal regarding expenditures of school monies through prioritized choices. The Principal shall consider each recommendation regarding the expenditures of any state, federal, local or private grants and any other discretionary funds to formulate budget requests to be presented to the board of director.
Make recommendations concerning the preparation of a School Improvement Plan.
Review site plan objectives, student and school performance and achievements, annual community surveys. Provide feedback and or recommend actions or focus areas based upon results.
Make recommendations to the principal regarding student/school safety, health, and character issues as related to the school's learning environment.
Communicate information to and from the District Accountability Committee (DAC) on a regular basis.
Review and amend bylaws as needed.

This committee meets at least quarterly. The schedule is to be determined and will be communicated once we choose our committee members.

The membership of the NSCA School Accountability Committee consists of:
o The school’s principal
o Up to 4 staff members
o 1 or more community members
o Up to 10 parents, preferably representing various grade levels and
segments of the community (i.e.: choice, neighborhood, TAG, Resource) and District Accountability (DAC) representatives.

Please contact Mrs. McClelland with any questions you may have regarding this committee and this application at

Thank you,
Mrs. McClelland

First and Last Name
Name of Child/ren Enrolled, Grade and Teacher
Why are you interested in serving on the NSCA SAC?
What qualifications do you have to help support the committee in the areas of finances and budgets, school accountability and achievement, and school safety and school culture?
What is your committment level and how long can you serve?
Are there any conflicts of interests that you may have by serving on this committee?
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