Ain’t I A Woman Campaign: Justice For Home Care Workers Endorsement Form
Home attendants assigned to 24-hour shifts are caring for people who have been approved for around-the -clock care because of their medical condition. Many are bedridden, are at risk for falling, or have dementia. Home attendants are not allowed to leave the home of the people for whom they are caring during a 24-hour shift. Some shifts are five or six days a week. Instead of 24-hour shifts, home attendants, people who require the care, and other supporters are calling for split-shifts -- if a person medically requires 24 hours of care, one attendant should provide 12 hours of care and a different attendant should work the other 12 hours each day.

For the health and well being of people with illnesses and injuries and the home attendants who care for them, we call on Governor Andrew Cuomo to:

• Ensure no legislation similar to the emergency regulation is used to enslave home attendants and abuse people who require home care, and
• Declare a 24-hour workday is illegal: people requiring 24 hours of care should be provided split shifts of 12 hours each to allow home attendants time to rest and people with illnesses and disabilities to receive proper care.

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The Ain’t I a Woman?! Campaign grew from a small group of garment workers who successfully held DKNY accountable for sweatshop conditions. This became a call for a new women’s movement fighting for control over our time, health, respect and payment for caregiving work. Justice for Home Care Workers is a project of the Ain't I a Woman?! Campaign.
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