2020 Thursday Night League Sign Up
Hey guys I'm back and looking forward to another great league season! If you plan on playing this year please fill out the form below. League will begin on Thursday April 16th this year at 5pm. If you would like to pay in full for the league season you have until April 30th and you will save $60 in doing so.

Also I'm looking at possible doing a indoor simulator league that would start at the end of September please see the question below so I can get some feedback.

Thanks Ryan!
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I'm looking at purchasing a state of the art trackman golf simulator for the course and I'm trying to get some feedback to see if it would be worth while. For the indoor league we would play a different course every week and 9 holes can be played in roughly 1 hour. The schedule would be flexible so you and your partner would just need to play the round within one week. Would you be interested in a 10 week simulator league season that would start around the end of September. *
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