Layna Pimentel's August 2019 Dictation Challenge
Are you up to a dictation challenge this summer? Now is the time to get ready.
For anyone who followed my dictation madness in January: I am planning an even more crazier challenge for myself this August. Have no idea what I'm talking about? I blogged about it here:
If you're interested in joining me, please sign up. This list will only be for communicating details about the challenge and which media I plan on conveying updates and vlogging through. I promise. I won't go crazy on emails unless you want me to. I'll be using this list to notify those interested once I have either a website, Facebook community or a YouTube channel in place to help inspire and prepare ourselves for this mad dash I have planned.
I hope you'll join me for a successful writing marathon. If you want to learn how I make the most of my time to capitalize on maximum word counts with little to no effort, I challenge you to join me. Dictation is one of the best ways to get that first draft done in record time if you already spend 8-12 hours at a day job.
Much love to you all and gratitude for considering in joining me.
PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR PEEPS. This isn't limited to romance or fiction in general. The whole purpose of this challenge is to get the most done in the least amount of time.
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