Key of Life - Yoga Sign Up Form
Please complete this form and return to your teacher before starting yoga classes.

Medical history information provided on this form will be used by your teacher to faciliate safe practice. Please tell your teacher if you have any injuries or changes to your health which occur after this form is completed.

Yoga is a physical practice, as such, some risk of injury will always be present, but these risks can be minimised if you tell your teacher about any physical challenges you are facing and listen to the verbal instructions you are given. If you do not know how to safely modify a pose to make it suitable for your needs, please ask your teacher.

Yoga may challenge you, but as students of yoga we aim always to listen to our body and work within a range of movement that feels comfortable for us. Remember that in a Yoga class there is nothing that you must do. Everything your teacher says is only a suggestion. It is your responsibility to move in a way that feels safe and comfortable for your body. Tell your teacher if you need more guidance.

Yoga is good for our mental health too. I am committed to supporting all my students to get the very best out of their yoga class. If you have a mental health condition and feel it would be useful to share that information with me, you can do so on this form.

Your information will be kept confidential and your details will be stored in accordance with Data Protection Regulations.

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Is there anything else you would like to say that has not already been included above? For example, if you are experiencing mental health issues which you feel it would be helpful for me to know about, you can tell me here. Please tell me the best way to support you.
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