Medication Abortion at Tang (UHS), UC Berkeley
Tell Chancellor Dirks and Tang's Medical Directors that students deserve affordable access to all reproductive healthcare, which includes allowing Tang physicians to provide medication abortions. By signing below, you are asking them to provide medication abortion at Tang.

To learn more about our proposal, please read our op-ed:
Contact Students United for Reproductive Justice at Berkeley on Facebook with questions.

Read more about the unanimously passed ASUC bill here:
Visit Planned Parenthood's website for questions about medication abortion:
And here is a helpful overview of different abortion options:


Main authors: Adiba Khan, Meghan Warner (Co-directors of Students United for Reproductive Justice)
Primary sponsor: Aanchal Chugh (ASUC Senator)
Co-sponsors: Tayler Hughes, Susannah Champlin (Co-directors of Students United for Reproductive Justice), Dr. Ndola Prata, Dr. Malcolm Potts (Current Director, Former Director of UC Berkeley School of Public Health, Bixby Center for Population, Health, and Sustainability) , Sumayyah Dinh (ASUC Senator), Zoë Brouns (ASUC Senator), Will Morrow (ASUC Senator), Andre C. Luu (ASUC Senator)


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