Feeding the City Application 2019
Key facts: We want to support you to start a sustainable food business! The course runs throughout 2019 and requires you to be able to dedicate time to your business throughout the year. The programme is fully funded (totally free for you). The 16 most promising teams will accepted on to the first stage of the course.

To be eligible, you must present a solution to a real problem that meets 2 out of 3 of the following criteria: has social impact, has environmental impact, is rooted in the community it serves.

Please try to keep to the word limits for each section. You also have the option to upload a short video of your team answering the questions if you'd like!

Application deadline is Sunday January 27th, 2019.

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NB: The programme is only open to teams (at least two people) to apply, as we feel teams have the greatest chance at running a successful business
Short summary of your idea (approx 100-150 words) *
What stage is your idea at? *
NB: If you are already trading then this is probably not for you as this programme is intended for teams at the idea stage.
Did you attend one of our ideation workshops (NB: it is not necessary to attend the workshop to apply) *
If so, in which city?
If your application is successful, we expect your team to attend every weekend workshop. Please confirm how many of the workshops you are able to attend. *
(The bursaries you receive can cover your expenses for these weekends)
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Problem, solution, impact...
What problem does your idea seek to solve? (e.g. health, ageing, employment, environmental sustainability, etc) *
What is your solution to address this problem? *
Which community will benefit most from your solution? *
NB: ‘community’ is meant in the broadest sense possible, it can mean a particular segment of society e.g. pregnant women or the elderly, or it can be geographic e.g schools in Glasgow or citizens of Bristol. Ideally, your team will be rooted in the community your business is aiming to benefit. Please tell us how many people in your community you expect will benefit from this solution.
Are you part of this community yourself, and if not, how do you relate with it? *
Business potential...
Who will be paying for your product or service? *
Compare your idea and how relevant it is to your community with other ideas that are operating already *
What are your next steps to implement your idea? *
Who is in your team? Why are you the right people to develop your idea? *
What resources or help do you currently have to implement your idea? (e.g. time, places, equipment, network, partners, etc) *
Feel free to add any further information to support your application (eg. website, social media)
Feel free to upload material that supports your application
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