Yoga & Fitness Survey
We're looking at expanding our offerings, and we want YOUR OPINIONS. Every question is optional, so have a look through and share what you can.
Section 1: Current Yoga Classes
Section 2: Current Technique and Martial Arts Classes
Section 3: Potential Future Classes
Current Yoga Classes
ALL ABOUT OUR YOGA CLASSES: If you're not into yoga (or like pina coladas), you can skip this section. If you haven't yet attended any of our yoga classes but are thinking about it, you can still answer some of the questions!
What do you value MOST and want from a yoga class?
What type/style of yoga classes do you value?
IN GENERAL, our yoga class offerings are:
Which class(es) do you attend most frequently?
Acro Yoga with Jen is...
Yoga Flow with Melanie is...
Yoga Flow 2.0 (aka Power Vinyasa) with Melanie is...
Intro to Ashtanga with Jeff is...
Ashtanga Intensive with Jeff is...
Yoga for Climbers with Leslie is...
Which yoga class is your favourite and why?
Your answer
Do you have ANY other thoughts or feelings about our yoga classes and instructors that you want to share?
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