Blood Pressure
This secure online system allows you to submit blood pressure readings directly to the practice. Please complete when asked or at most every 6 months. You can also access some relevant health information.

YOU NEED: A set of blood pressure readings, ideally two readings twice a day over 4-7 days (max 30). Leave at least 1 minute between each reading. Please submit them all in one go. If you do not have your own machine you may be able to check your blood pressure at the practice, but please call first to check

OPTIONAL: Recent weight and height

SAFETY: Readings above 180/110 cannot be entered and should be reported by calling the practice. Your answers will be attached to your medical record but may not be seen immediately. This system should never be used if you are in need of urgent medical attention. In this event, please contact the appropriate services (999 or 111) or the practice as normal.
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