S&FMA 45th Anniversary Volunteer Sign Up
Be The Band!!! We are looking for dedicated Abominables, friends, and family to help with the our 45th Anniversary celebrations on SATURDAY APRIL 27. We would LOVE your help with set up, clean up, water duty, and more! If you are willing to sign up to help OR if you are bringing a guest who could help, please fill out the form below. All volunteers will get a special thank you gift as a token of our appreciation.
Thank you so much!!!!
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Relationship to the Marching Abominable
How did you hear about the band? Are you a significant other or a family member of someone in the Band? Are you a fabulous Abominable willing to help? Are you a fan who has always wanted a reason to hang out with this crazy Band! Please let us know in the section below. Also please let us know who, if anyone, recruited you to help us!
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Saturday 45th Anniversary Brunch Team
The Band Room opens up at 10 am for Potluck brunch, beers, sodas, and merriment. We are looking for volunteers to help set up starting at 8:30 am. Job duties involve - setting up tables and chairs, icing beverages, setting up food, and welcoming band members. This shift will last from 8:30 am to 10 am.
Merchandise Tent Team
Outside the Band Room we will have a tent with merchandise avaliable for sale. The Merchandise Tent will be responsible for selling merch. These volunteers will be responsible for attending the tent, keeping track of money, and entering sales through our Point of Sale app. Don't worry it's super easy! If interested you can sign up for a 2 hour shift or multiple shifts. This is a great role for someone who has mobility issues. The parade comes to you and you'll have a super cool chair to sit in.
Inman Park Parade Team
What's that! It's the Band's 45th Anniversary Performance at the Inman Park Parade! Be a super star and join the band in all of the merriment of the parade. There are various roles you can sign up for at the parade to make it a success for the Marching Aboms. Please pick whatever your preferred role is in the list below. If multiple jobs sound interesting feel free to choose all of them. This is a great opportunity for teenagers and family members. We will try our hardest to accommodate requests. This shift lasts from 1:15 pm to about 4 pm.
Clean Up Team
The Band Room closes at 6 pm. At the end of the day we need to reset the room, take out the trash, and clean up any messes. There is church the next morning in this space so we want to be great Girl Scouts and put it back the way we found it. If you're willing to help clean up and help put away merchandise, please sign up! This shift is tremendously important. This shift lasts from 5 pm to 6 pm.
AbominaBash Set Up Team
The AbominaBash is our Anniversary Party Saturday night which will take place at the First Existentialist Congregation on Candler Park Drive. We need helpers to set up the party from 4:30 (or whenever the standstill performance ends) to 7 pm (when the party starts). Set up will involve food arranging, table decor, setting up seating arrangements, and general party set up. If you are willing to help with this, please sign up here.
AbominaBash Clean Up Team
We have to be out of the First E space no later than midnight. To get cleaned up quickly we need hands to help reset the room, take out the trash, and clean up any messes. There is service the next morning in this space so we want to be great Girl Scouts and put it back the way we found it. If you're willing to help clean up, please sign up here. This shift will last from 10:30 pm to 12 am.
General Volunteer
If you are willing to help volunteer for the 45th Anniversary and you have no preference on what role you have please let us know what your availability is on Saturday in the space below.
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Questions? Comments? Random thoughts? Please let us know!
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